Components for Medical Image Processing


 Read, parse and display DICOM and ANALYZE images and text in DELPHI programs

DICOM TOOLS for DELPHI are components for developers, which support the following functions:
- parse and display the image data of DICOM and ANALYZE files,
- parse and display the text of the data elements of DICOM files,
- parse all files of a directory and build a list of all DICOM series inside the directory,
- build a list of all DICOM files inside a DICOM series,
- set level and window of a DICOM or ANALYZE image.

A DICOM file contains image data as well as text data. Usual the image data is one picture. The text data consists of a set of data elements. A data element is like a record in a data base. There are data elements for the name of the patient, the name of the physician, the name of the hospital, the time and date of the series the kind of the series and so on.
In kind of a 3D series, the series consists of several slice images. Usually each slice image is encoded in an own DICOM file. All images of a series have the same series instance UID. In the kind of an ANALYZE format, all images are enclosed in one ANALYZE file.

Since the number of slices of a 3D series is usually several hundred, it is important that the DICOM parser is running fast and efficient or it take a very long time to parse a directory with several hundred files. DICOM TOOLS for DELPHI has a very fast parser and one can build a simple DICOM reader with just a few mouse clicks, as can be seen at the sample programs.
These components are used for
MVE, the DICOM and ANALYZE viewer.

A list of the components and their functions are listed here. Samples are available for download here. The compatibility of image format encodings is listed here. The package can be ordered here.

Build your own DICOM viewer and image analyzer and dive in into the fascinating world of medical image processing.

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